"Its best to comply than to pretend to be unaware"


A nonprofit organization must provide copies on request of its original application for tax exemption, including any supporting documents filed by the organization in support of its application, plus any letter document issued by the IRS in connection with the application. In addition, the organization must provide copies of its annual IRS information returns for the past three years, including all schedules and attachments.

When a request for information is made in person, the organization is required to furnish the requested information immediately under IRS guidelines. If the request is in writing, the documents must be furnished within 30 days from the date of the request.

Organizations are exempt from the above requirements if they have made the documents widely available, such as posting them on a web site, or if it can be demonstrated that the requests are part of a harassment campaign. If the organization elects to post the information on a web site, specific IRS criteria must be followed which produces an exact reproduction of the information - HTML format is not acceptable. BANK RECONCILIATION

Upon receipt of the monthly bank statement, the balance indicated on the statement shall be reconciled to the bank account balance in the general ledger as of the last day of the month.

Items needed to complete the bank reconciliation:
   Prior month's bank reconciliation
   Bank statement
   Check Register and/or Cash Disbursements Journal
   Cash Receipts Journal
   General Ledger

Organizational Documents
    Initial Articles of Incorporation
    Amended Articles of Incorporation
    By Laws
    IRS Determination Letter
    IRS Group Exemption Status Letter (if required)

Financial Documents
    2010 990EZ
    2009 990EZ
    2008 990EZ
    2007 990EZ
    2006 990EZ

Annual Reports
    2010 Annual Report.
    2009 Annual Report
    2008 Annual Report
    2007 Annual Report
    2006 Annual Report

The above documents must be held in safekeeping in a corporate records binder, normally in possession of the secretary