"Manual Assigning or Software Assigning"

"Its best to comply than to pretend to be unaware"

The ole manual way still has a place with some associations. I guess the largest user of software for preliminary game assignments is used by local soccer associations.

While game assignment software simplifes officials assignments, it does work better than manually entering names. Cancellation and emergencies has to be dealt with, but it sure beats the manual hours. Several years ago, I spoke with an assignor for high baseball, he gave lots of praise to assigning software... it was the turnbacks, cancellation and outdates, rainouts, rescheduling that gave him the most problem, not necessary in that order. He also stated he spent an average of 10 - 12 hours per week doing the schedule for over 92 officials. His one blessing was he did not have to do both baseball and softball. He would post a 30 day schedule on Sundays, before the sun went down, confirmation and cancellations were known. His good days was when confirmation of all assignments was completed. Officials were fined for each cancellation and turnback of games. The assignor appointment was for 2 years and no high school assignments during that period.

Manual assignments basically use the 4 - 4 (4 games in 4 assignment days) for certified officials. Its apparent that registered officials are used only when necessary for varsity contests. The best of all the ways to assign officials to games was the 3 - 2 concept. Primary roster and secondary officials was used to rank officials limited to 3 games until all primary officials were given 2 assignments.

Back in 2007, GHSA put out a document addressing the "Exclusion List" of officials, short name is "Scratch List". GHSA does not approve of such, but local associations have created their own. Some associations have set their own standards for game assignments. Among those you will find that officials must score a minimum of "85" on both the Part I (Open Book) and Part II (Closed Book) examinations.

Some associations maintain assignment records as confidential information for a short period of time. Request to see the records are basically denied. It would take a court order to open up the assignment book to officials who desire to view it. Anytime, an accounting pad is used for assignments, you can guess who gets weekly assignments. All certified officials.

Officials Classification and Assignment Pairings
Certified Certified
Certified Registered
Registered Registered
Registered Associate
Associate Associate

GHSA has attempted to ease the way game assignments are handed out. It may work in some areas, but in others, its business as usual. Reference page 10, ASSIGNMENT OF GAMES, GHSA Accountability and Officials Handbook. How many associations have addressed and implemented contest assignment procedures. A few associations have managed to keep this manual from membership. Why?


 9. Assignment criteria for "regular season" contests
     A. To be eligible for assignment to "varsity" level contests, officials must complete the current year NFHS/GHSA Rules Clinic and current year NFHS/GHSA Rules Exams, Part I and Part II.
     B. To be eligible for assignment to "sub-varsity" level contests, officials must complete the current year NFHS/GHSA Rules Clinic and NFHS/GHSA Rules Exam, Part I.

Paragraphs 9A and B do not reference a minimum examination score. To find any reference to an examination score you must view  Officials Examinations. An examination score of "85" has become the prime exam score to achieve in order to be assigned varsity games. This has more or less established an "exclusion system" or "scratch list" that GHSA does not endorse. Yet, some associations have set up a non-documented assignment policy for their officials, officiating varsity contests to be "certified" at the GHSA level with an exam score of 85 plus.

Question is... How many games assignments should a "certified" official receive, versus a "registered" official?

Mentoring program mentioned in the handbook, has been around for years, but finally made it to GHSA in 2005-2006. Finally put in play by an approved association for the 2010 baseball season. WOW!! Used properly the program can benefit the individual and the association. Mentor and mentee should at least official 2 games together, one varsity and one jr-varsity.

No assignor, scheduler and booking agent should never tell a 4 or 6 year official, that he will not be calling varsity games. That along tells what type of assigning policy is being used, the one the assignor, scheduler booking agent has made up and not shared with the general membership. I do not understand why an association do not establish an assignment policy and use it to assign contests. If you are still using pen and paper, well, the will of the membership is ignored. GHSA has addressed this issue in its handbook, but many board and untrusted officers have failed to deploy a fair system of game assignments.

Primary and Secondary Rosters:

First, all officials should get a Master Copy of scheduled athletic contests for the upcoming season. The membership of an association should know when games will be played. Secondly, each official should be given a copy of a primary and secondary officials roster, so he or she will know there position for sub-varsity and varsity games.