"Fair, Open, and Democratic"

"Its best to comply than to pretend to be unaware"

Bylaws generally cannot be amended by an organization's Board of Directors and/or Executive Committee, but it does occur. When an association rules by intimidation, isolate the membership, uses only a select group to fill there contractual needs. Is not governing by the rule of law. They are acting like rouges. How this happen? Well, its boils down to the membership, who keeps voting them in. And after 4 or 5 years, the seed to do what they want has been planted. Nothing to stop them, because the membership spoke.

The majority of an association's membership is interested in one thing.. "GAMES.... GAMES...I don't have time to deal with politics". So the association finds itself controlled by a few old men, who do not allow or want improvements. Case in point. Its the executive board and the board of directors (same personnel), who determines what amendments will be changed and/or added to the constitution and bylaws without any debate before the general membership. Changes made were made by them to meet their agenda. Which is to remain in control without fear of change. To them I say "Its comming" and it want be pretty.

Personally, I do not understand why the leadership of an association do not understand how NPOs earn money. To stand up in front of the membership and say "We do not make any money"....is DUMB!! Associations may not make any money, but they do generate revenue called gross receipts by collecting dues, registration fees, fines from the general membership and payments for contracting services. Within these webpages I will provide information and show you how local associations generate income or gross receipts. IRS Publication 557 is the primary source.