"OVERSIGHT! Who's Job Is It??"

"Fox Guarding The Hen House"

Who's Job Is It
At the state level, its the responsibility of the Attorney General to oversee compliance by nonprofits and for profit organization. At the local level its the responsibility of the county or city attorney general, public and members of the local nonprofit or for profit organization.

Because local sports officials associations do not solicit donations or public funds. The state attorney general most likely will not investigate the activities of such an associations.

That leaves the IRS who without reservations will investigate and audit a local sports officials association for irregularities. Funds of $5000 or more must be reported to the IRS every year or once every three (3) years. Whether the association is incorporated or incorporated, with or without an IRS Determination Letter. All that is required is submission of a whistleblower form, stating the discrepancies. So if an association has in its bank account $10,000 or $50,000, the IRS will gladly take your funds. Not too many associations have survived such IRS action. State-registered nonprofits have a better chance of staying afloat than an unincorporated association.

Too many associations think they are not required to comply with laws and directives. They overlook the Open records policy of the state, open meetings policy. Even when boards/committees are presented with directives and evidence of what their obligations are, they remain non-compliant.